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Fishsauce: Bambi in a Tea Shop, photography by Anya Somwaiya (2022)
Fishsauce: tuk-tuk night, photography by Mina Anttila (2022)
Fishsauce: Temple Day, photography by Anya Somwaiya (2023)
Fishsauce* Manifesto






nước mắm



ntses ntses




Fishsauce is a zine of poetry, prose, photography, and art for and by young, multicultural or mixed persons living within contrasting cultural contexts, with emphasis on the Southeast asian perspective. We are committed to creating space within our communities for reflection on heritage, outsiderdom, and art as a means of interpersonal and intercultural connection. 


Although Fishsauce is founded on the mixed-asian and Southeast asian perspective, you do not have to be of these groups to get involved! We want to bridge the gap between young people of mixed cultural and racial backgrounds, and spotlight the common ground shared between children of 2nd or 3rd cultures. 

fishsauce*'s contributors:

Anya Somwaiya (founder, lead editor & designer)

Alex Taylor-Anton (designer)

Bambi Thammongkol 

Jake Roiter 

Mina Anttila

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